Team Building with a Purpose

Team building allows an employer to shape and equip their team with particular qualities that help build a stronger unit in the workplace.  Team building helps maximize efficiency, create more productive workplace, and makes employees feel valued. Use our “Team Building with a Purpose Guide” to pick an activity that is specifically tailored to embrace a particular quality among your employees.  Look for the Area of Focus listed within the description of each activity we offer on our website.

Invest in your employees success. Choose more than an activity; pick a skill set that will maximize your group’s team building experience.   



Leadership is vital in a company because leadership shapes the culture of the company, affects productivity, and shapes the characteristics of the workplace.   By cultivating strong leadership within your organization, you can change your company climate for the better. Choose an activity that embraces strong leadership and allows everyone on your team to shine.

Innovative Thinking

Innovation is essential to the growth and sustainability of a company.  Innovation keeps ideas, procedures, practices, and policies fresh to create a company that focuses on smart, effective, affordable, and creative solutions. Keep your company current by equipping employees to be innovative thinkers. Choose one of SMARTpath’s many activities that pushes participants to be innovators.  

Change Management

Is your company going through an organizational transition?  Help equip your employees to embrace change and adapt to all the new things within their current business environment. Choose an activity that helps your team practice adaptation in a changing environment.    


Communication is essential to the growth and success of a business.  Communication happens everyday between coworkers, bosses, customers, and colleagues.  Fostering effective communication within your team improves efficiency, cultivates a stronger morale among employees, and provides clarity to your team.   Choose an activity that requires participants to be effective communicators to succeed.

Varied Perspectives

Workplaces are often a melting pot of ideas, personalities, and experiences.  Help your team embrace these different perspectives through our experiences specifically tailored to appreciating varied ideas, unique outlooks, and different perspectives.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an essential skill that needs to be fostered within a team because it allows for employees to find successful solutions.  From Farmers to Technology Analysts, critical thinking is a necessary skill set for employees to be self sufficient, independent thinkers, able to find effective solutions. Help your staff feel equipped to use critical thinking skills by choosing one of our critical thinking based activities.

Attention to Detail

Don’t let your team get hung up on small mistakes; Help them to avoid them, through our specifically tailored activities that are designed to make participants pay attention to the details.  Only groups able to focus on the details will be successful.

Calculated Risks

Whether your employees are Heart Surgeons or Bankers, everyday they are faced with risks.  Some great, some small. Help your employees practice taking calculated risks in a safe environment.  Choose from one of SMARTpath’s many activities that help promote the importance of calculated risks.


Working together towards a common goal gives purpose, meaning, and drive to employees in the workplace.  Making sure everyone feels valued and that their input is heard is a vital aspect of a successful team. 

Lockbox Showdown

Lockbox Showdown is a one of a kind team building event for corporations, athletic teams, education, etc. that can be held at the location of your choice. In this fun filled, adrenaline packed event, participants work in groups of 6-8 to problem solve collectively before the clock runs out.

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Blended Perspectives

This fun team building activity promotes cohesion within a group and illustrates the power of teamwork and effective communication.  Participants are always impressed with what their entire group manages to produce through the efforts of each individual team.  Walk away with a unique Blended Perspectives art hanging to proudly display at your office!

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Escape Rooms

One Team. One Goal.  Escape.

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